There are many schools for all ages around our area, including an elementary and middle school right in Hunting Ridge. 

Thomas Jefferson Elementary and Middle School is an IB World School, located in the boundaries of Hunting Ridge. 

By design, the Primary Years Program's six-theme framework connects human commonalities and transcends traditional subject areas. The curriculum approach enables the students to connect cultures and to explore issues and topics that are meaningful to them as well as to the world at large. 

School and community families are welcomed and urged to borrow books from the library whether they attend TJ or not. Volunteers are welcomed to get involved and help at the school for a rewarding experience. Full day preschool classes are offered as well as classes up to the high school level.

For a complete list of schools and/or colleges in the Baltimore area, visit the Baltimore City Public Schools website or Live Baltimore - School and Education Links.

Below we have listed those that are nearby to Hunting Ridge.

Elementary and Middle Schools Nearby

High Schools Nearby

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