Hunting Ridge Community Assembly (HRCA) 

Hunting Ridge has a well-organized and effective community organization. The Hunting Ridge Community Assembly, Inc. was established in 1927 and has become one of the most respected by Baltimore City officials. 

The HRCA Board is comprised of about 25 members with six standing committees and many more have been created as needed. 

There are two full Assembly Meetings (town hall-style meetings) held each year, in the Spring and Fall where the entire neighborhood comes together to meet, greet, and discuss issues. 

The 25 member HRCA Board meets on the first Monday of each month (excluding January and August) to deal with the many issues each committee brings before it. HRCA Board meetings are always open to every member of the community.  Some of the Committees include:
        • Community Development
        • Education
        • Community Events
        • Membership / Welcoming Committee
        • Crime Prevention / Traffic
        • Public Relations / Newsletter

 Hunting Ridge Community Assembly.
 P.O. Box 11622, Baltimore, MD 21229

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