CHAP Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a CHAP permit for all work on my house?

  • Any exterior work you undertake on your home that requires a regular city permit, you will also need a CHAP permit. 
  • When you apply for a city permit, the Permits office will need to see that you have CHAP approval before considering your permit.
  • Therefore, all exterior work requires an approved CHAP Authorization to Proceed (ATP) before applying for the regular city permit.

How do I get an approved Authorization to Proceed?

  • NOTE: To help residents navigate the CHAP process, the Hunting Ridge board has an Architectural Review Committee (ARC). If your project is anything beyond a simple repair using the same materials as what is in place now, we strongly recommend that you send an email to the Hunting Ridge ARC for assistance on the process. 
    • Step 1: download the Authorization to Proceed and begin filling it out.
    • Step 2: show or email the ATP to the Hunting Ridge ARC.
    • Step 3: submit the ATP to the CHAP office, either in person, by email, or mail.  Details on contact information are found here on the Baltimore City CHAP website.

Do I need CHAP approval for landscaping projects?

  • You can put all of the gardens and landscaping you want on your property and you do not need a CHAP permit for it. Fences are an exception here since there are restrictions on height and materials.
  • And any decking or other exterior structure that requires a regular city building permit, will also need CHAP approval. 

What is the cost of a CHAP permit?

  • A CHAP permit or Authorization to Proceed (ATP) is free.

Does the ARC decide what gets approved?

  • No. The ARC does NOT make decisions about what is approved or declined. All decisions are made by the commission and the CHAP staff, represented by our district’s Historic Preservation Planner; Lauren Schiszik.

What is the role of the neighborhood Architectural Review Committee (ARC)?

  • The ARC plays an advisory role in the Design Review processes, advocates for projects, and serves as the eyes and ears for the district Historic Preservation Planner; Lauren Schiszik.

Can I replace my old wood windows with new efficient vinyl Ones?

  • Because there is a change of materials involved (wood to vinyl) this is not “replace like with like” and depending upon the make of the windows, is likely not permitted. However, there are plenty of new models of windows from quality manufacturers that can be approved.  Contact the Hunting Ridge ARC (Architectural Review Committee) or contact the city CHAP office directly.

Why CHAP?  What is historic about Hunting Ridge?

Hunting Ridge is a designated historic district under the Baltimore Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP).

The identification and protection of historic neighborhoods and landmarks promotes the unique history and culture of Baltimore for the benefit of its citizens.

Hunting Ridge's historic designation provides an effective and transparent design review process that preserves the neighborhood’s historic character.  

The intent is to retain as much of the historic character and material that remains, while allowing the property to be functional in the 21st century.

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